9.4. enscript - 直接使用 CID-font 來列印

這一版的 ensctipt 是由 Chen-Shan Chin 的 補丁來支援 Big5 和 UniCNS-UTF8 編碼的純文字檔。 兩個新的編碼名稱, "big5" 和 "UniCNS-UTF8" 是新增的。 Since there is no easy way to get AFM for CJK CID-font, I simply assign the width for the same for all character.

You need to have a CID-font for these encoding to use this function.

安裝 chinese/enscript

使用 enscript

For BIG5 users, use commands like this to generate PS documents:
enscript -X big5 -f DefaultMingB5-Regular-B5pc-H@12 -o [output.ps] [file]
Make sure to use those fonts having "B5pc" in their names.

Author WWW: http://students.washington.edu/cschin/bg5ps/enscript-TW-support/

WWW: http://www.gnu.org/software/enscript/enscript.html