Chapter 11 設定與效能調校(Tuning)

Table of Contents
11.1 概述
11.2 一開始的規劃
11.3 最主要的設定檔
11.4 各式應用程式的設定檔
11.5 各種 Services 的啟動方式
11.6 設定 cron
11.7 在 FreeBSD 5.X (含之後) 使用 rc
11.8 設定網路卡
11.9 虛擬主機(Virtual Hosts)
11.10 還有哪些主要設定檔呢?
11.11 Tuning with sysctl
11.12 Tuning Disks
11.13 Tuning Kernel Limits
11.14 Adding Swap Space
11.15 Power and Resource Management
11.16 Using and Debugging FreeBSD ACPI
Written by Chern Lee. Based on a tutorial written by Mike Smith. Also based on tuning(7) written by Matt Dillon.

11.1 概述

One of the important aspects of FreeBSD is system configuration. Correct system configuration will help prevent headaches during future upgrades. This chapter will explain much of the FreeBSD configuration process, including some of the parameters which can be set to tune a FreeBSD system.



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