6.20. ntuttf - 台大字型

Date: Thu, 17 Mar 94 14:18:18 CST

From: Lin YawJen <f1506015@csman.csie.ntu.edu.tw>

HISTORY: I had written a program to convert fonts from large bitmap into TrueTypefor MS-Windows. For Mac, see ifcss.org:/software/fonts/mac/ the bitmaps came from DYNAFONT (Hua2 Kang1) and ETen..

This is the critical point of this product.

Font styles includes:

kai: 楷書
br: 粗圓 
fs_m: 仿宋常用 
mb: 中黑 
tw: 極細

COPYRIGHT: These fonts are created by Mr. Lin Yaw-JenAll Right reserved. These fonts must not be used for any commercial activities.

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Figure 6-10. ntuttf snapshot

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